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Why Your Morning Routine Matters

Updated: Aug 18, 2021

What usual activities do you engage in every morning? Does it promote productivity, wellness, and internal peace? Do you start your day with a clear mind? Many people are guilty of pressing the snooze button when they wake, and this has got to stop! Here’s why… Your morning routine will set your mood for the entire day and even the entire week. When you snooze, you lose!

Hitting that button can be very tempting especially if the weather is conducive for a long slumber. Every night, decide that you are going to wake up at the right side of the bed instead of letting the day control you.

Your mindset will add value to your day and help you manage stress. Morning routines matter from person to person. The routine that works wonders for you may not work for other people. But regardless of what activities you do in the morning, may it be a...

  • 20-minute yoga and meditation

  • Reading or writing in your journal

  • Taking a hot shower while listening to soothing music

  • Lighting an aromatherapy candle while eating a healthy breakfast

  • Going for a quick jog

Make sure it gives you the fuel of motivation to accomplish whatever tasks the day throws at you. Here’s why your morning routine is more significant than you think!


Remember that what you do in the morning will be the basis of how productive you will be for the entire day. Even the simple task of making your bed will help you set the tone for what is to come. This will stimulate your mind and trick you into thinking that if you can finish a task early in the morning, you can finish more within the day. This will then spark confidence as you begin to trust yourself more.


When you wake up late and see yourself crumble as you tackle your duties, it instantly puts you in a bad mood and from there, will cause a series of unfortunate events! But if you have the power to control your day from the start, you will most likely prevent this from happening. When you establish your mood for the day, you are also capable of keeping things at bay.


If you write down your tasks for the day, you will feel more organized and feel less stressed. So what does the morning routine have to do with relationships? When things are not well planned out, it can cause frustration and the people we live or work with often get the harsh treatment. The bigger commotion happens when the other party is also having a not-so-good day! The bottom line is, when you are in control of your day, it puts you in a harmonious disposition.


Waking up early promotes better sleep at night. When you have enough time in the morning to focus on other tasks besides work, it gives you the chance to organize your thoughts, work on your day and be more mindful. When you establish a morning routine, you will be less overwhelmed and will have enough energy throughout the day.


When you make the most of your day, the rewarding feeling of accomplishment will do good for your self-esteem. Why? Because early risers are more productive and focused. Mornings are the time when there are fewer distractions, and you feel more rested. This transcribes to more ideas, goal-setting (and getting them done), and you’ll even have time to engage in a new hobby or work on a new skill.

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