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Candle Meditation

Updated: Aug 18, 2021

When we talk about Meditation, we picture ourselves in our sanctuary sitting or lying comfortably with eyes closed. People meditate for various reasons. For clarity, peace of mind, focus, and even to relieve pain. It’s amazing, right? Meditation is all about awareness and breathing in the present instead of focusing on the distracting thoughts of the past. As we transition to the new norm, we slowly become open to trying out new things. I bet you even have a new hobby now or acquired a new skill! It’s hard to browse the world of social media these days without coming across a post or article about self-care.

And speaking of self-care, let us tell you about a different kind of meditation that when practiced religiously, can do wonders to your physical and mental state.

Candle Meditation or Trataka is a form of meditation that you do with your eyes open and solely focused on the dancing flame that is in front of you. So what exactly can it do to help you live your best life?


Do you struggle to find balance? Are you often caught up doing too much, or nothing at all? Candle gazing aids with concentration and it sharpens your memory and awareness. When you gather your thoughts and focus on the mysterious glow of the candle, it will help fight off negativity and harness inner peace. Trataka will help you find your flow and take back your center.

Unnecessary drama is often the result of uncontrolled impulses. We let our emotions take over because it's easier to get carried away than to keep calm. The body releases stress hormones (Adrenaline, Cortisol, and Norepinephrine) and takes over when faced with a stressful situation. The physiological response is known as the “flight or fight” takes over and the next thing we know, our rational capacity is knocked off the ledge. Regular practice of Candle Meditation will bring you mindfulness and relaxation to help control stress before it gets out of hand, and lets you stay in your core.


It Trains the Mind to Keep Still

Stillness draws clarity and of course, mindfulness. It lets you appreciate the power of silence as well as intuition. Being mindful decreases the feeling of anxiety and stress, which will lead to better decision-making.

Accepting What Is

Trataka is the kind of meditation that doesn't require you to have a mind free from thoughts. Rather it allows you to take in the nuisance so you can learn to accept and understand what they are.

Improves Memory and Concentration

The consistent practice of candle meditation will lure you to a deeper state of focus and is also known to cleanse the cerebral cortex, which eventually improves memory and concentration. There are days when you feel like your energy seems scattered or out of place. Trataka will help gather these energies and keep them anchored.

Visual Advantage

The main concern of some people is that this practice will harm their eyes when in fact, it’s the exact opposite. Trataka, when practiced accordingly, can strengthen the eye muscles and also aids people with sleeping disorders such as insomnia. You don't have to stare at the candle when practicing Trataka. Just simply acknowledge its existence and be in the moment.


When you see yourself in a relaxed and unbiased state, you are more likely to understand your individuality. You will feel more empowered, confident, and driven to work on your weaknesses and point out your strengths.


When we find ourselves in a stressful situation or panic, how do we find our center and go back to our normal state? Kandle Meditation is an easy and effective practice to help us stay at our core and maintain balance in our life.

  • Choose a room where you feel most comfortable and with no distractions. As much as possible, remove anything that will give you even the slightest diversion like your mobile phone or alarm clock.

  • Light any kind of Kandle and place it on a safe and stable surface. Dim the lights in your room to keep your focus on the Kandle’s flame.

  • The Kandle must be at eye level placed on a table, or you can also put it on the floor as you sit cross-legged facing it.

  • Sit comfortably with your back straight and take a few deep breaths. Remember to keep still and keep your eyes on the Kandle and let it be the only thing that your mind thinks of. It’s also important to mind your breathing while doing this exercise.

  • As you stare deeper into the Kandle, your eyes will feel heavy and will start to water. When this happens, just blink once or twice and sink your attention back to the Kandle’s flame.

  • If you’re a beginner, you can start for five to seven minutes a day, and slowly increase the number of minutes when it becomes easier.


When selecting a candle for Kandle Meditation, make sure that you are aware of the candle’s content. Candles that are made from soy wax are more natural and have a longer burning time and do not contain harmful chemicals. It produces a cleaner burn and lesser soot compared to paraffin candles. To give you the complete Candle Meditation experience, go for aromatherapy Kandles! Aside from their pleasing and relaxing aroma, they also radiate a softer light that sharpens your attention when meditating.

A lot of people from different age groups can benefit from this practice. Don’t be so hard on yourself when you’re just starting, as this procedure can put tension in your eyes when you do it for more than five to seven minutes on your first try. Take it slow and savor the benefits.

If you think that this exercise will help you in several ways, get yourself a set of Meditation Kandles and practice on!

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