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The Truth about Candles

What You Need to Know About Soy and Paraffin Candles

Candle enthusiasts who use candles frequently at home will always go for the ones that are healthy to burn. Creating a soothing ambiance is not enough though, if you want to go for the complete self-care experience, you have to be aware of the candles you use that will help you set the mood.

What are the factors that you need to consider when buying scented candles? Do you go beyond the fragrance and think about your safety and those around you. If you’re still having a debate with yourself as to what candles to purchase, we suggest you read on to make your next trip to your favorite candle store a breeze.


Soot is a black smoky residue resulting from incomplete combustion. The flame from burning candles, wood, oil, coil and other fuels will result in a dark sticky substance that can be seen on walls, chimneys, or on your candle jar.

Remember that only blue flames which are a result of complete combustion do not produce any soot.


The astonishing evolution of candles has paved the way for candlemakers and sparked interest in consumers. But how do you choose the right candle with all the great choices that are out in the market, each having its claims?

Paraffin wax was introduced way back in the 1850s and was used to create great quality candles. Soy wax on the other hand was later on discovered in 1991 by a candle maker named Michael Richards. This discovery brought about curiosity to people and the benefits made them love it even more.

Paraffin candles are made from petroleum oil and produce more black soot. Soy wax candles are made from soybeans making them more sustainable. They also burn slower compared to paraffin candles, and they produce less soot. Soy candles also transmit negative ions into the air, which straps toxins to help cleanse the air.


Soy wax candles are derived from soybean oil, which means they are non-toxic and maintainable. They do not increase CO2 levels and are environmentally friendly. Soy candles also have a lower melting point and can burn 50% longer than paraffin candles.

If you are a big fan of scented candles, choose the one that is made from soy wax because it absorbs the fragrance better and has a stronger scent. They lessen unburned wax by burning evenly. With soy wax candles you are guaranteed to enjoy a relaxing moment without worrying about inhaling carcinogens that are very harmful to your health.

For a quick recap, here are 10 reasons why soy candles make an exceptional choice for candle aficionados.

  • Sustainable

  • Burns longer

  • Non-toxic

  • Produce less soot

  • Stronger fragrance

  • Cleaner burn

  • Easy to clean when spilled

  • Safe for the environment

  • Does not emit any carcinogens

  • Supports local farmers

So are you ready to go candle shopping for your next mental health break, or candlelit dinner? Make sure to read the product description, and the candle is labeled 100% soy wax!

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