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My Dog Earned His Wings

Coming home to a dog's warm welcome is probably the best part of any fur parent’s day. The moment you open the door and see your fur ball wagging its tail from excitement can instantly take away stress. Dogs love unconditionally, and pay no attention to your looks or status in life. To be loved by them and experience their kindness and loyalty is truly remarkable.

In contrast, your strong and special relationship with your fur baby is a soul-crushing grievance when they cross the rainbow bridge. But why is this so? What makes losing a beloved companion so difficult?


Life after losing a dog can cause you a great deal of pain. There will even be days when it hurts so much that getting out of bed will feel like a chore. Do you also ask yourself if you're overreacting? The hard truth is you’re not, because there is no such thing as a quick fix when it comes to dealing with the death of a family member.

Dogs are more than just a companion or a playmate. For most kids who grew up with a dog by their side, it enhanced their confidence and self-love during their formative years. Having a furry family member also teaches you a sense of concern and responsibility. The unbreakable bond you developed with your faithful friend has flourished over time, that the thought of not having them around pains you to your core.

The attachment you have for your dogs can sometimes be greater than those with other friends or family members. This is because of their unconditional love, allegiance, and devotion that you can’t find in your human relationships.

When your dog dies, you also lose the security of having a companion that will love you entirely. This notion will make you want to dive into a pool and drown your sorrow.


Dealing with their sudden loss or putting them to sleep is a topic that every dog owner tries to avoid. But as much as we only want to recollect joyful times, the day when they finally take their last breath is the flip side of having them as a part of your life.

Dogs improve your quality of living and even make you better people! Holding their paw or placing your hand upon their heads when the time comes will make them feel your endearment until the very end and will also assure them that you will be okay after they take their long and peaceful sleep.

We may not have the answer to the question of what happens after death or if there’s a slight possibility of a reunion. But one thing is for sure. Your beloved, furry companions deserve a peaceful, safe, and comfortable passage.


How do you prepare yourselves and continue to live your lives knowing that you will never again see their tails wag? Are you going to be okay with taking afternoon walks by yourself? Or passing by the dog food aisle at your local grocery without putting anything in your cart?

It’s going to be a long and hard road to take, but acceptance is the first and the hardest step to healing. You can do this by celebrating their lives and how they made yours worth living. You can even hang their photos on your wall or put them in a frame to place on your desk.

Lighting a candle will also help with the grieving process as you sit back and recall the playful moments you had with your little ray of sunshine. To commemorate their existence, you can use a candle holder engraved with a touching message to remind you that the life you spent with them has a purpose, as well as their unwavering love.

Others may not understand what you’re going through, and you may find yourself being distant. Take all the time you need. Regardless of what people will say, dogs are a part of the family, and losing them is a real ordeal. When the time is right, don’t be afraid to bring a new pup into your life, because you don’t want to miss out on love so pure and unquestionable.

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