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The Fight or Flight Response

How do you react when faced with a stressful situation? Are you still able to gather your thoughts and handle the situation rationally? Or do you act out of emotion? If you constantly find yourself doing the latter, then you might benefit from this blog post. Fight or flight is a psychological response that happens when a person feels threatened or attacked. This is a form of defense mechanism that aids in survival.

This automatic psychological reaction can be both good and bad. Fight or flight prepares us so we can protect ourselves when we face danger or feel under pressure. When this happens, our body will then take twenty minutes before it finally reverts to its normal state. But how can this response turn bad? When you often encounter stressful events, this can take a toll on both your mental and physical health. You may even suffer from anxiety, depression, PTSD, or Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. Others will also find themselves stuck in a "freeze state" and feel hopeless. This can disrupt your way of thinking and your routine.

Is there a balance when it comes to dealing with the fight or flight response? How can one surpass the challenges faced every day without the feeling of hopelessness?


Because life is not a race! How you take care of yourself today, will shape your future. Everyone wants to achieve success and be recognized, but that is not the only measure of a great life. You need to accept that you have physical and mental limitations. When you don't take yourself for granted, your mind and body work harmoniously can help you live a long and meaningful life.


This exercise has numerous health benefits that will also aid in keeping a strong mental state. When more air enters your system, this will improve your heart rate and will signal your brain to relax. Deep breathing is also a great way to manage stress and anxiety as well as improve the quality of sleep.


Another way to combat the fight and flight response is to picture yourself in a peaceful and relaxing place. A place where you feel the happiest. It could be somewhere you have never been before but would love to or a place that brings back happy memories. Visualization will help you feel calm as you focus your attention on every detail in your mind.


Yoga is a mental, physical, and spiritual practice that is effective in calming the nerves. It’s an exercise that improves breathing and manages stress and anxiety. It also helps in boosting immunity, improves sleep quality, and gives you a better perspective on life.


The support you get from your family and friends can help you cope and manage stress better. It’s important to always reach out to the people you trust when you feel like you need help. Talking about your problems will help you identify effective ways of coping and take the weight off your shoulders.

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