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How to Have a Meaningful Valentine’s

Flowers, chocolates, and romantic candlelit dinner. These things immediately come to mind when we talk about Valentine’s Day. But what is Valentine’s Day and is there an ideal way to celebrate it?

We will not talk about the origin of Valentine’s Day, but we will share what Valentine’s Day is all about and ways you can celebrate with your significant other and the people you love. So what do people do every 14th of February? Well, a lot! Make reservations, gift-giving, and even send anonymous letters or greeting cards.

Valentine’s Day is that one special day where couples express their love for each other or show one’s endearment to family and friends. This is also a particular day when we go out of our way to celebrate with the people we love. However, is there an ideal way to celebrate Valentine’s? The answer is no! Because every celebration is unique.

The essence of Valentine’s Day is taking time from your busy day and spending it with your partner. You don’t even have to splurge on very expensive gifts or go to expensive restaurants, even the simplest things like watching a movie at home while cuddling on the couch or cooking your loved one’s favorite cuisine can turn any day special.


Oftentimes Valentine’s Day puts a lot of pressure on couples and they tend to forget the true value of celebrating a holiday as special as Valentine’s. Here’s a list of things to give you an idea of what to do this coming February 14th.

Have Dinner at Home

  • Because nothing beats home-cooked meals! It’s more personal, intimate, and will not cost you much! All it takes is a romantic set up with candles, a bottle of your favorite wine, petals scattered on the floor, and soothing jazz music.

Movie Night

  • Since going to the cinemas and watching a movie is something that not everyone is still comfortable with, then movie night it is! It’s fun, safe and you can watch any movie you and your partner prefer. The best part is, you don’t have to dress up and look fancy. Just wear your comfiest pj's and hit the play button on your TV.

Go to the Park

  • These days, a lot of people prefer going to places with open space and not too many people. If you have a park near your area, you can take an afternoon stroll or even go for a picnic. Going on a picnic is not only relaxing and fun, but it’s also practical.

Do an Art Project Together

  • Now, this may seem something that preschoolers would love, but trust us this activity is also fun and very engaging for couples! Not to mention, it is also therapeutic since it can help reduce stress. And getting stressed is the last thing we need on Valentine’s day. So why don’t you give this a try?


If you are searching for a present to give to your partner this Valentine’s Day but would like to try something new besides giving traditional gifts like flowers and chocolates, then check out these awesome gift ideas.

Love Kandles

  • This is an amazing set of four luxury kandles with intoxicating fragrances of Thai Orchid, Sandwood, Bright Wood, and French Lavender & Vanilla. This is the perfect gift for the woman in your life! By giving this set of four kandles, you are letting them know that they are loved and they will always hold a special place in your life. What makes these kandles great for gift-giving is the special love message adorned on each of the lids that serve as a reminder of your love for them.

  • It’s also made of 100% soy wax with cotton wicks for a long-lasting clean burn. What better way to show your devotion to the woman you love than by giving her a set of Love Kandles.

Meditation Kandles

  • Giving your wife or girlfriend a set of our Meditation Kandles is a gesture of love. It’s simply telling them to slow down, take things slow and look after their well-being. This set of gemstone candles promotes relaxation and helps manage stress. It’s made of 100% soy wax and only has the finest fragrance oils of lemongrass, verbena, tea tree oil, rosemary, and chamomile that promote wellness.

  • The set comes in a beautiful gold embossed tin adorned with affirmations that will help them on their spiritual journey. Each time they light a Meditation Kandle, it will give them a sense of calm and a reminder of how much you care. And since it’s made of 100% soy wax, it’s meant to have a lasting fragrance and a clean burn. Not only that but you can guarantee that each candle has a burn time of 20-30 hours.


  • If you haven’t heard of ManKandles yet, then this is your lucky day! ManKandles is a set of six luxury scented candles perfect for the man in your life! This is a unique gift to give to your husband or boyfriend that will motivate them and keep them inspired. These kandles give off an intoxicating fragrance to keep them focused on their goals and dreams in life.

  • A perfect balance of Leather & Mahogany, Tobacco & Vanilla, Vetiver Grass, Oud, Leather, and Fig & Patchouli come in every can of our ManKandles. These kandles are made from 100% soy wax and are guaranteed to have a clean and slow burn. These candles are also paired with motivational messages that encourage self-reflection and goal-setting.

ManKandle in a Glass Jar

  • Simple yet sophisticated! That’s what this jar is all about. Infused with the intoxicating fragrance of Tobacco & Vanilla, this kandle will make them feel relaxed and empowered all at the same time. Still made from 100% soy wax and has a burn time of 60-70 hrs. By giving your husband a ManKandle, it’s like celebrating your love for them and at the same time reminding them to be the best version of themselves.

ManKandle Premium Scented Glass Jar with Kandle Matches

  • Still the same premium kandles, only it comes with 100 long decorative matches. This gift is best for the man in your life who has a taste for class and is fond of sleek and functional decors. The fragrance infused in this kandle was named Date Night and has an earthy scent of Vetiver Grass which is very manly yet calming. It is also enhanced with eucalyptus leaves, anise, tarragon and mixed with cedar, dragon's saliva, and patchouli which explains the concentrated woody scent.

Each set of kandles from Majestic Zen, comes in a distinctive and sophisticated packaging perfect for gift giving. It sends a signal to the receiver that they are loved and cared for. So this coming Valentine's Day, consider giving your partner a gift that will not only last for a day, but rather something that will nurture them as they go through life.

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