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How Can Candles Make Your Life Better?

Candles are more than just a home decor or something that promotes a romantic ambiance. Burning aromatherapy candles will not only make your home smell great, but it will also boost your soul’s energy. Aromatherapy candles can make you feel uplifted, motivated, sentimental and calm. This is because scents signal a part of your brain known as the Olfactory Cortex which will then trigger a certain memory or emotion.

If you are someone who loves aromatherapy candles and would like to know more about it, or maybe you are someone who wants to make a lifestyle change and incorporate candles not only as a beautiful room decor, but also a part of your routine, then this blog post is for you. Here we will talk about how aromatherapy candles can turn you to the best version of yourself! Seems impossible? Well, it’s not! Keep on reading and we will tell you why…


Finding your focus can be challenging especially when you have a million and one things in mind. Most days, you can just sleep it off or shake away the feeling by watching a series on Netflix! But what about if you need to work on a deadline before the week comes to a pause? Do you think your boss can work around your schedule? We think not! This is when aromatherapy candles come to the rescue. There are certain fragrances that can help increase focus like peppermint, cinnamon, orange and lemon. A mind that is stimulated promotes higher productivity. These scents also put you in a better state of mind when working, and it will make you feel less stressed.


A number of factors can trigger lack of sleep or sleeping disorders. It can be stress, the environment or even a rough day at work can leave you staring at the ceiling at three in the morning. One recipe for a good night’s rest is a clean room, essential oils and a well-established sleeping routine. What you can do is spend at least thirty minutes lighting an aromatherapy candle while writing in your journal or listening to soothing music before going to sleep. This will help cleanse your thoughts from all the negativities you faced during the day. Refrain from scrolling through your phone when you finally get settled in bed, because this is a huge factor that easily disrupts sleep.


Do you sometimes wish you could go back in time and relive a certain memory? Every person has a favorite memory that will make them wish a time machine exists! But do you know that aromatherapy candles are also time machines that can take us back and reminisce? Well, sort of! According to, just like our muscle memory, we also have a scent memory that can be developed and send us back to a time when we feel most happy, inspired, and alive! These recollections uplift us and eventually put us in a better disposition. Therefore, remember to light an aromatherapy candle the next time you feel under the weather. It can be a citrusy scent that will remind you of your favorite summer vacation, cinnamon that will make you think of the holidays, or pumpkin spice to remind you of fall.


Some days will make us want to stay in bed longer than we are supposed to. But even though we are allowed to have days like this, we should not let it get the best of us. There’s a variety of aromatherapy candles that help alleviate stress. Fragrances like lavender, chamomile, sandalwood, and lemon can help us feel better when things are starting to get out of hand and are overwhelming. Create a self-care routine that goes beyond moisturizers, face masks, or eye creams. Include a self-help ritual that involves lighting an aromatherapy candle as well. This practice will aid in relieving tension as well as bring balance to your life.


Okay, so we will be stating the obvious again. Yes, they make excellent home decors and since candles make your space more appealing, just by looking at them will help boost your mood. You can place a set of candles on a decorative tray to add a spa-like vibe to your office or bedroom. Having home decorations that match your vibe or enhance your mood is more important than you think. Your home must be a space where you can breathe, feel at ease and recharge. This is why you should always think twice before making any home decor purchase. The outside world may give you a lot of things to be stressed about, so let your home be a place where you can find solace.

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