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Good Vibrations - Ways to Better and Happier

You often read articles on how to detect and avoid a toxic person. You probably have one write-up bookmarked so you can take notes and read it repeatedly. But have you ever asked yourself how your cranky mood affects others? Or for the one million dollar question, how frequent are your bad days?

When you feel pressured, frustrated, or threatened you often execute an unpleasant behavior that arouses conflict with others. This is when your toxic behavior starts to fill the room and overwhelm those around you. You often neglect this doing because you get so caught up in the moment of negativity that it blurs your judgment.

When awareness settles and you start to feel guilty, keep in mind that an apology will lose its value if people notice a cycle and you start to become emotionally detrimental. But these things can be avoided when you develop a sense of self-awareness and become a breath of fresh air as you foster a good relationship with others, and especially with yourself.


When you wake up in the morning, what is the first thing that comes to mind? Your answer will maybe depend on your mood and the time you wake up. This is exactly why getting enough rest is the first key to improving your mood. Waking to a brand new day is a blessing, and it’s something that you should always be thankful for. This Thought alone should be enough to get you in a lighter mood.

Each morning, convince yourself that you are going to have a great day! You can even say it out loud as you look at yourself in the mirror. This thought will set the tone for your day and will help you glide through your daily tasks regardless of what they are.


Having a cup of joe in the morning is a good way to wake yourself up, but quenching your system with water does not only protect your organs, it also aids in boosting your mood and perception. The habit of drinking the recommended water intake is sometimes overlooked and taken for granted. Drinking water can help calm the nerves and promotes a feeling of relaxation.


Do you compare yourself to other people, as you religiously check social media and believe everything you see? If you answered yes to both questions, then you need to put a stop to this toxic practice. Social media can be very helpful, but you need to use it with caution. Tell yourself wholeheartedly that you are special and capable of anything.

If you need to compete in life, make sure that you are only competing with yourself. You have something that others don’t, and that is your power. If you accept your reality, you can do a lot more with your life.


Instead of contemplating on the things that you don’t have, why not make a list of the things that you have and are grateful for? Gratitude helps boost your self-esteem and makes you physically and emotionally healthy. If you appreciate what you have and relish life’s blessings, you’ll have a happier outlook and invite more opportunities.

Gratitude also lets you live in the moment, and magnifies your faith, and will give you a strong sense of conviction that everything will always eventually fall into place.


Engaging yourself in recreational activities such as walking, jogging, biking or any physical activities will boost the production of endorphins. Endorphins are chemicals in your body that help you cope with stress and generate a feeling of happiness.

If you can’t spare a portion of your day to exercising, you can at least do 5-10 minutes of breathing exercises. This self-care practice among other things decreases stress and anxiety, regulates your blood pressure, and calms you down when faced with a stressful situation.


Check on yourself from time to time, and keep track of your behavior. Are you more sensitive to the feelings of others? Or do you know what are the things that set you off? The road to self-improvement will require a reflection of your strengths and weaknesses.

When you allow yourself to reflect, it will give you a better perspective on life and make you more open-minded. This execution will challenge you as you improve your relationship with others, and most importantly with yourself.

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