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Do Men Need Candles?

Have you ever considered giving the man of your life, your dad, or your guy best friend a candle for their birthdays or any special occasions? It’s unlikely because of the common disbelief that candles don’t interest men! Our society has labeled candles as a feminine product, bringing a tinge of hesitation to men when it comes to getting their hands on one, and also to steer away from judgement.

The world has now evolved and gone are the days when men need to have a strong facade to be considered real men! When we talk about class, sophistication, and self-care, men are equally capable of showing their softer side as women. Why? Because just like all hard-working women, men also need a restful place to soothe their weary mind and body. They too deserve a therapeutic ambiance and a comfy home interior!

Still not convinced? Our advice is to keep on reading as we give you reasons why men need some Zen in their life.


Most men are good at hiding what they feel. After a stressful and tiring period, they also lose the desire to pick themselves up and prepare to tackle another day. Candles can help relax their minds and revitalize their need to focus.

Burning candles at the end of the day is a simple and easy way to recharge and change whatever mood you’re in, as well as the ambiance of any room. If your man often pulls an all-nighter, get them scented candles to make their home office more inviting, and to foster alertness when they work at night.

Research shows that a man’s brain is designed to keep their attention to one specific task at a time. That is why aromatherapy candles help clear congested thoughts and make you stay on track.


Do you know that famous line, Women are Capable of What Men Can Do? It’s also true when you speak from a man’s perspective. A man can thrive from lighting an aromatherapy candle while reading a book and drinking a glass of their favorite brew. Keep in mind that men also need to hone their strength and embrace physical and mental health to perceive passion.

The hustle and bustle of daily life can take a toll on them until they no longer feel connected to their core. This is when the light from a burning candle and the aroma infused can help men gain their focus and mindfulness. A lot of men don’t like to admit that they are having a hard time or had a bad day. This is mainly because of the social stigma that men are the stronger kind who refuse to bend.

Candle therapy is also a healthier resort for men when it comes to coping with the stressors encountered. It’s something that needs to be considered aside from exercising and getting a massage.


The gents may seem to be on top of their games but frankly, they also feel like crawling under the table when faced in situations where they need to be at their best, like presenting in an important meeting, speaking in public, or proposing to the women they love. It’s kind of hard to believe right?

Men embody confidence, but not on a daily basis. It’s nice to have aromatherapy candles on days when they need something to lift their spirits. Scents from these candles can alter one’s mood, combat stress, and help them gain the confidence they need.

Candles are absolutely masculine and make an extremely beneficial gift! It’s a present that the man in your life will surely need and love.


Unlike women, men are not into floral and fruity scents. They dig more elegant and virile fragrances just like the Man Kandles from Majestic Zen. These Kandles will keep them energized, inspired, and their goals on track! This unique set comes in 6 premium 100% soy candles in elegant tin cans.

Each Kandle has natural cotton wicks that guarantee 10-12 hours of peace and relaxation. To inspire the man in your life even more we adorned each lid with powerful and uplifting quotes to remind them they can overcome life’s challenges.

Normalize giving Kandles as gifts to anyone, including men! They are more simple, meaningful, and last longer! So the next time they burn a Kandle after a rough day, they will think of you and smile.

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