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Benefits of Using Love Kandles

Have you been spending hours searching the world wide web for an extraordinary gift to give to your wife or girlfriend for your anniversary? Or are they going to celebrate their birthdays anytime soon and you want to surprise them with a thoughtful gift? Great news, your search ends here as you have come to the right place! Majestic Zen brings you a set of Love Kandles that will melt any woman’s heart! Set aside chocolates and flowers for a while, and let the women of your life know that just like these candles, they too light up your life!

You’re probably asking yourself, how do these Love Kandles differ from an ordinary candle? What makes them so special? Love Kandles are scented with fragrances that turn an ordinary space into your very own love nest. Our candles are infused with the finest fragrance oils and set off a romantic feel and make sparks fly! Here are five impressive benefits of our Love Kandles and why they make the perfect gift for any occasion!


Candles are without a doubt romantic. They set the mood for an intimate dinner, a movie night at home with your special someone, or just to mellow down after a hectic day. When you’re in a blissful state and feel relaxed, your brain releases Dopamine, Serotonin, and Oxytocin which are considered Happy Hormones. Love Candles can intensify your romantic evenings and help build stronger bonds with your partner as you gaze at each other’s eyes and rekindle your most intimate moments. What better way to strengthen your love for each other than having a quiet dinner with a home-cooked meal, a glass of wine, and of course Love Kandles!


Can you still remember the first time you took the love of your life on a romantic date? The look in her eyes and those tiny details on their faces when she smiled that made you love her even more? Those moments are precious and should be remembered for a lifetime. Love Kandles will help you cherish those special times and make new memories with the love of your life. Our Love Candles are made of 100% soy wax that is paired with a cotton candlewick and can deliver a burning time of 12 hours. Hand-poured meticulously in a 5 oz elegantly adorned tin, this set comes with four candles that are infused with natural fragrances of Thai Orchid, Sandalwood, Bright Wood, and French Lavender and Vanilla. With that being said, the elegant look and the aroma from this affectionate set will captivate your lover’s heart, and they will instantly remember that perfect day you first spent together.


If you think chocolates and flowers are too generic and you want to give a distinctive gift that connects directly to the giver, then this spectacular collection of Love Kandles makes the perfect gift that will show her she’s the special woman in your life. The intoxicating floral scents and the love messages that are written on each lid with gold foil accents will remind them why they chose you! And since candles are also known healers, they will thank you for feeling enlightened and at ease after lighting the candle you gave. This set of 4 Love Kandles are elegantly packaged in a beautiful gift box and don't even require gift wrapping. Maybe a little ribbon and a beautiful heartfelt gift card for some final touches.


Our Aromatherapy fragrances have amazing benefits every woman will love. The gentle and delicate scent of Thai Orchid will give you a sense of calm as it gently fills the air. Sandalwood has a rich, woody scent that works as a decongestant and aids in insomnia, meditation, and mental clarity. The uplifting aroma of Bright Wood will give you the drive you need on those days you feel like slacking off. French Lavender and Vanilla are sweet and warm scents that blend perfectly to help you relax when you feel tense. Majestic Zen strongly believes that these four therapeutic scents help in setting the mood for a romantic ambiance and that is why the Love Kandles collection was brought about.


Adding candles to your bedroom, living, and dining room can create that perfect romantic touch. Our Love Kandles collection was designed to carry any theme you have for your space. You can even add them to your bathroom to give it an intimate makeover. The perfect date does not have to be expensive or happen outdoors. Love Kandles will create the perfect date for you and your loved one so you won’t have to worry about spending hundreds of dollars for one romantic evening. This set of aromatherapy candles can bring back the memories you’ve always wanted to relieve. So pop a bottle of champagne, prepare a mouth-watering dish, put on a Marvin Gaye song, light up a Love Kandle and savor the moment. Visit our Amazon Store and show your devotion to your significant other.

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