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Do you find comfort in lighting a candle for a lost loved one?
The ritual of lighting a candle allows us to pay tribute to a dearly departed loved one. It signifies remembrance and promotes reflection. You get to have a moment of peace as we commemorate the memories that are forever etched in our hearts.
No matter how sentimental the experience may be, it is important to take precautions. Candles can easily tip over so having a sturdy holder is essential. We offer one that is made with safety in mind so grieving people can pay tribute and remember their loved ones with peace and respect.
The Remembrance Hurricane Candle Holder by Majestic Zen offers a safe and lovely way to honor departed loved ones.
Our glass candle holder has a weighted base to keep it grounded on any surface. You can rest assured it won’t tip over easily, no matter how windy it gets. People left behind can focus on reflections and prayers of love for a family or friend.
This nifty holder offers a convenient way to light a candle. Give it as a gift to someone who is grieving or keep one at home so you can frequently take the time to celebrate the life of a cherished loved one. A moment of silence with a candle offering ambient lighting can help people reflect on the many lovely memories they’ve shared with someone who has passed away.
Our decorative candle holder adds a sophisticated flair to any space. Its subdued elegance allows it to blend harmoniously with any decor. An inspirational message of love is etched on the clear glass.

Here are more reasons to love our candle holder:


🕯️ Makes a lovely keepsake

🕯️Thick glass won’t break easily

🕯️Two designs available: For a loved one, and for a beloved pet

Help someone remember special people with love. Add the Majestic Zen Remembrance Hurricane Candle Holder to your cart TODAY!


🕯️ IN MEMORY OF A LOVED ONE - Lighting a candle signifies the memory of a loved one lives on and burns bright. Our memorial candle holder makes candle-lighting convenient and stylish.

🕯️ SAFE & SECURE BASE FOR CANDLES - Candles can easily tip over and cause a fire. Equipped with a sturdy base and solid glass material, our trusty votive candle holder helps prevent this.

🕯️ A MESSAGE THAT TOUCHES THE HEART - A heart-stirring message of love is beautifully engraved on our clear candle holder. We used premium-quality ink to ensure it won’t fade away easily.

🕯️ INFUSED WITH ELEGANCE - Beautiful in its simplicity, our decorative sympathy candle holder looks sophisticated with its subdued elegance. It blends easily with existing home decor.

🕯️ A BEREAVEMENT GIFT TO SHOW YOU CARE - Help someone commemorate the life of a lost furry friend. Our chic memorial gift candle holder offers a beautiful way to comfort a grieving friend or family

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